AFC Bournemouth’s New Training Ground

Our next project is for @afcb‘s new training ground, which is taking shape nicely in the Canford Magna area of Bournemouth. We’re delighted to be providing x5 each of @Electrolux Professional‘s #WH6 and #TD6, keeping costs to a minimum by providing exceptional savings and effortless use.

The Washing machines use the lowest possible water, energy and detergent

consumption, saving money and time:

  • #AutomaticSavings weighs the linen and adjusts the water level to the amount of linen,
  • #IntelligentDosing ensures that the precise amount of chemicals will be added automatically according to the weight of the load, saving chemicals
  • #PowerBalance measures, corrects the unbalance and adjusts the G force in real time, maximizing the dewatering, saving money and time in the drying process.

The Tumble Dryers are able to process more laundry in less time: a game-changing improvement, with a #reversingdrum to minimise wrinkles and drying time

AFC Bournemouth