Southern Contracts are a leading supplier of Miele Commercial Washing Machines across the UK. 

Miele has a tireless devotion to delivering premium quality appliances and this is one of the many reasons why loyalty to the German brand is so high. Miele manufactures appliances for the kitchen and utility room as well as floor care. These products are thoroughly tested and designed to last for 20 years. Once you’ve used a Miele appliance, you’ll quickly realise that there is more to Miele than just a company; the care that the largest family-owned appliance manufacturer takes is clear to be seen.

Driving innovation and creating delightful experiences every day, everywhere, Miele is a German manufacturer of premium domestic appliances. For over 100 years every product has been designed with precision, purposeful thinking, world class engineering and quality that will stand the test of time.

Each model is tested to last for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, a key reason why we have won Which? Best large home appliance brand for the 4th time in 5 years. Our company motto ‘Immer Besser’ or ‘Forever Better’ is at the heart of everything we do, designing meaningful appliances which are easy to use and improve the lives of our customers.

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Miele industrial washing machine features:

Safe disinfection

Disinfection programmes ensure reliable levels of hygiene. 

Future-proof networking via WiFi

Fully informed with a high-performance network connection.


Innovative suds container

Efficient use of resources with redesigned suds container.


Patented pre-spin

Perfect cleanliness Cleaning cloths are rinsed out before the start of the washing process.


Preparation of cleaning cloths

Cleaning cloths are reprocessed and prepared in the machine in one step.


Efficient drum rib technology

Fast, optimum wetting is achieved with specially designed scoop ribs.


Honeycomb drum with perforated drum rear panel

Perfect wash results even sooner thanks to faster wetting.


3-dimensional imbalance monitoring

Reliable moisture removal from wash items thanks to professional 3D sensor technology.


Simple delivery

Installation w/o modifications: With a depth of 890 mm the hygiene washer-extractors fit through standard doors.

Efficient spring-in-spring system

Extremely smooth running, even at high spin speeds, thanks to efficient suspension system.


Stainless-steel flange

Long service life due to high resistance to aggressive cleaning agents.


Commercial shock absorbers

Incredibly smooth running even at high spin speeds with professional shock absorbers lasting for 30,000 hours.

Ergonomically economical operation

Loading hygiene washer-extractors is at a comfortable height to ensure the greatest possible ergonomic benefits.


Customised user guidance

Flexible solutions to suit a wide range of customer needs with regard to professional laundry care


Patented liquid dispensing adapter

A dispensing adapter directs the liquid agents straight into the detergent dispenser.


Automatic drum positioning/locking

At the end of the wash cycle the drum opening is locked in the optimum position for unloading.

Washer-dryer stack

High performance in the smallest space: Installation as washer-dryer stack requires less than 0.5 m² floor space.


Programmable controls

With the freely programmable controls, all wash parameters can be adjusted.


Automatic door lock

One Finger Touch enables easy door closing.


Large door opening

Simple loading and unloading thanks to large door opening with diameter of 415 mm.

The language can be selected easily at any time

Quick and easy: It’s easy to select a different language at any time during operation.


Latest Miele News:

Dust, meet our most powerful vacuum cleaner

The new Triflex HX2 cordless vacuum cleaner

Discover our new cordless vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, 3-in-1 design, anti-allergen HEPA filter and rechargeable battery to remove dust and pet hair.

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Powerful. Compact. Ultra mobile.

The new bagless Boost CX1

The next big thing in cleaning – is pretty small.
Starting from £269.

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RX3 Robot Vacuum

Smart all-seeing cleaning

Offering an impressive array of improvements and innovative features, including a threefold increase in dust pick up compared to the previous model, Miele is delighted to announce the launch of its new robotic Scout RX3.

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Introducing the new G 5000 Dishwasher range

A new range of freestanding and integrated entry-level dishwashers with new features – providing more space, more convenience and lower running costs than ever before.

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Introducing the unique Miele WDD131 Washing Machine

A very unique washing machine designed specifically for blind and partially sighted people. Featuring easy-to-use audible signals and unique tactile control panel, combined with typical Miele build quality and performance.

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The new Triflex HX1

Discover our latest innovation in the field of vacuum cleaners. The Triflex HX1. Miele’s first cordless handstick vacuum cleaner with a unique 3in1 design. For maximum flexibility and outstanding performance.

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Introducing Generation 7000

Our most intuitive range ever

We believe that there is no limit to how far you can push excellence. And since Miele was founded in 1899, we have proved it time and again with our pioneering technology, obsessive craftsmanship and refined design. Now with Generation 7000 we have set another new benchmark.

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The Dialog Oven, by Miele

Discover Revolutionary Excellence.

Discover a new world of cooking with Miele’s revolutionary new Dialog Oven. 

Coming to the UK in 2019, Miele presents an absolute world’s first: The Dialog oven with innovative M Chef Technology which revolutionizes the art of cooking.


New M Touch Range

Discover the new Premium and Prestige W1 laundry range with M Touch control and Miele@Home connectivity. The pinnacle in ultimate laundry care, combining M Touch touchscreen control with optimum energy efficiency and convenience.

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Networked products for your home

Whether you are at home or away you want your household appliances to be reliable. Networking your appliances offers new possibilities which create more convenience, quality of life and safety in your dynamic daily life. With specifically developed functions, mobile controls and a new networking technology, we offer a system that brings you new freedoms and supports you in the effective and sustainable design of daily life.

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Miele CM5 coffee machines

Enjoyment reinvented.

New design, new colours, new variety: Miele’s CM5 coffee machines with an extraordinary, innovative design and an attractive entry-level price.

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Miele Black Edition N°1: Pure Coffee Enjoyment

With Miele everybody can be a perfect barista. Only when the technology in our high-quality coffee machines match and interact precisely and perfectly with the exquisite quality of the coffee beans can you achieve and enjoy an overwhelming cup of coffee.

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