Electrolux Professional Marine Plymouth

Professional Electrolux marine laundry equipment suppliers.

Southern Contracts are a leading supplier of Electrolux Professional Marine Laundry Equipment in Plymouth.

Southern Contracts supply a comprehensive range of marine laundry and food service solutions for merchant ships, oil rigs/platforms, and passenger ships. Electrolux Professional leverages expertise in marine laundry and marine kitchen equipment to meet your specific needs.

Electrolux Professional Marine Laundry Solutions Plymouth

Give heavily soiled workwear the most thorough clean possible, effectively removing oil, grease, and finest dust while preserving the fabric’s quality.

Electrolux Professional Marine Oil Platform Laundry Equipment Plymouth

For workers on oil platforms, you require robust machines with an extended lifespan and safety features to ensure the well-being of your team.

Electrolux Professional Marine Passenger Ship Laundry Equipment Plymouth

If you’re dealing with large quantities of diverse laundry daily, consider our passenger ship laundry solutions. It’s a safer and more straightforward option compared to dry cleaning.

Southern Contracts and Electrolux Professional – Your Trusted Partners for Marine Laundry and Food Service Solutions. If you would like to learn more about the Electrolux appliances we can provide and install please get in touch with our specialists today on 03301 222 888.

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