Bain Marie Top, 600 mm

This heated well can be used as a “bain marie” or as an air warmer unit. Water drainage takes place via the supplied drainage pipe.
The model is made of stainless steel with a galvanised bottom plate. The cook-top has raised edges on three sides to collect any spillage. The front panel has clear and easily accessible controls. The sides of the bain-marie are smooth and easy-to-clean.
The heated well is connected to the main supply at the rear using the supplied 1.5-metre cable. The bain-marie can be positioned with the back directly against a fireproof bulkhead.
A stainless steel floor cabinet with adjustable legs, doors and drawers is also available. The floor cabinet can be fitted with guide racks and grid shelves for Gastro-Norm 1/1.

Stainless steel
Thermostat controlled
Accepting Gastronorm sized containers
Hygienic design