Bratt Pan (Frying Table), Height Adjustable, Electrical tilting

The cast-iron frying table is carefully designed for perfect frying results. The casing is thermal-insulated and has a polished stainless steel exterior. Both the column and the counterbalanced lid is entirely made of polished stainless steel, and when the lid is closed, it can be used as an off-loading space or a working surface.

For an excellent heat transfer, the pan features powerful, embedded tubular heating elements which are supported by springs and stainless reflectors. The thermostats are placed in drilled holes in the frying pan to improve heating efficiency. Th model also features an electrical control to operate the tilting action.

The table is intended for bolting directly to the foundation. A stainless steel mounting frame is available as an optional extra.

Sturdy and durable design
Height adjustable column
Electrical tilting
Cast iron frying surface
Stepless heat control
High capacity
Easy to maintain