Coffee Brewer 2x5L

These counter top coffee machines B-series & B HW-series are able to match demand at peak times with the greatest of ease, as well as providing a solution for smaller amounts of coffee. The coffee machines are all for connection to the cold water service. The machines are made of heavy gauge stainless steel with a polished finish, for long life use and easy cleaning. As standard the coffee machines are fitted with a control panel with LCD display, descaling system, total and daily counters, ‘coffee ready’ audio signal, built-in clock and safety mechanisms. Includes brewing column, container(s) complete with filter unit(s), base and drip-tray. BHW models are fitted with an integrated hot water section and a separate tap for hot water. The brewing is fully automatic controlled by the stationary brewing unit’s reliable electronic features. The patented, carefully designed and safety dry deviced one-flow system secures an even water temperature of +96°C, necessary for a perfect brewing result. Electric cords for the containers and a 1.5 m long cord for the main supply is included. For further specification of the models and optional extras, please see overleaf.

Easy to Install and Maintain
With or Without Separate Hot Water Tap
Servering per Cup, Decanter Litres and Gallons
Total and Daily Counters
Coffee Ready Audio Signal
Adjustable Brewing Time for Optimal Extraction
Optimal Safety Mechanisms
Two Sizes, Four Models