Coffee Brewer 2x5L

The ComBi-line Coffee Brewer is fast and reliable. The touch technology provides a very intuitive user interface. Just set the recommended quantity of coffee and follow the brewing process on-screen. A signal and display notification tells you when your coffee is ready and there you are. The Coffee brewer is easy to maintain by providing simple display instructions (e.g. descaling the machine). With lightweight synthetic filter holders and heat insulating, so they are easy to handle. And dishwasher proof. This model has a separate hot water dispenser and the water temperature can be set separately. Ideal for tea drinkers. No-drip tap, to keep everything tidy and clean during use.

Operator and service menu.
Brewing time approx. 10 min./5 L.
Programmable timers.
Coffee dosing advice.
Day and total counters.
Insulated lid.