Coffee Percolator 75 Cup

This coffee percolators with manual water fill system and compact design makes possible to brew and serve coffee at almost every location. The double walled container is made of stainless steel with heat-resistant base for easy handling and durability. The percolator is equipped with a heating element that keeps the coffee at the right temperature. Red heating signal light indicates start of brewing cycle. When the green light comes on, the coffee is ready and will be kept hot automatically. Fresh water can be heated up in the appliance for preparing instant drinks. The percolator is provided with a water level gauge glass, a stainless steel filter, a dripless faucet and a lock-on cover which helps minimize accidental spillage. The plastic handles make the percolator easy movable. A boil dry safety mechanism with a thermal security thermostat switches off the appliance automatically in case the container boils dry. A 1.5m long cord with plug is included. For further specifications, please see overleaf.

Stainless Steel Exterior
Boil Dry Safety Mechanism
Dripless Faucet
Water Level Gauge Glass
Easy to Handle