Cold Beverage Dispenser 12L

These handy and versatile coolers are designed to cool and dispense all kind of noncarbonated drinks. Beverage inside the bowl is moved by a submerged magnetic pump. The exclusive and compact design, with stainless steel machine housing in a high quality finish, all easy to clean, offers a unit to meet any individual requirements of installation and use.

The operation is extremely hygienic, thanks to that the pump wheel and the push-lever serving valve are the only mechanical components in direct contact with the beverage. Drink stirring is provided by magnetic impeller. A hermetically sealed refrigeration system, Air – cooled condenser and the special thermostat control ensure a reliable and correct cooling temperature. There is a choice of four different models, with the width of 180 mm or 360 mm:
– single container of 12 litres
– single container of 20 litres
– twin container of 12+12 litres
– triple container of 12+12+12 litres

Exclusive Design
Highly Hygienic Operation
Space Saving
Adjustable Drink Temperature
Easily Removable Bowls
4 Models