Combi Oven iCombi Pro 20 GN 1/1

With iCombi intuitive operating concept, everyone can work error-free from the start. The concept runs through the production process with visual imagery, logical work steps and clear, interactive instructions.

iDensityControl is the intelligent climate management system in the iCombi Pro. Thanks to the interaction of sensors, high-performance heating system and live steam generator as well as its active dehumidification, the right cooking chamber climate is always available. The intelligent air turbulence ensures the best possible energy input into the food to obtain exceptional productivity and quality.

The iCookingSuite is the cooking intelligence in the iCombi Pro. Initially, the user selects the cooking path from 7 operating modes and 4 cooking methods to suit the food. Then specifies the desired cooking result. The unit suggests possible adjustment and the intelligent sensors recognise the size, quantity and condition of the food. Depending on the cooking progress, all important cooking parameters such as temperature, cooking chamber climate, airspeed and cooking time are adjusted to the second.

The iProductionManager organises the production process intelligently and flexibly. This includes which products can be cooked together on different inserts, the optimal order of foods and the monitoring of the cooking process. The iProductionManager supports you with information on inserting or removing dishes and arranges the food sequence accordingly and automatically makes the correct settings. Simple monitoring activities are no longer necessary.

The iCareSystem is an intelligent cleaning and descaling system in the iCombi Pro. It recognises the current degree of dirt and calcification and suggests the ideal cleaning level and chemical quantity from 9 cleaning programmes. The ultra-fast intermediate cleaning cleans the iCombi Pro in just 12 minutes, and all cleaning programmes can also run unsupervised overnight.

Effective steam generator
Core temperature probe with 6 measuring points
High-resolution touchscreen
Ergonomic door handle
Adjustable door stopper
Intelligent control of cooking paths with automatic adjustment
Individual, intuitive programming by drag-and-drop of up to 1,200 cooking programmes