Combination Cutter

With this compact and ergonomic Vegetable Cutter/food processor it’s possible to do more than 80 different types of cuts/slices with the 40 different stainless steel dishwasher safe discs. It can easily be changed from vegetable slicer to food processor without any tool.
Feeding arm and hopper are made entirely in stainless steel. Asynchronous silent industrial motor for heavy duty and long life.
With a user-friendly lever (better pressure control, with less effort for arms and shoulder) is designed for both right and left handed users. All parts in contact with food are removable without the use of tools The stainless steel hopper, lever and cutting chamber are dishwasher safe.
Magnetic safety system and motor brake prevents machine from running when lever swings are away or is open. Automatic restart of the machine with the 3/4 moon shaped pusher in position. Delivered with stainless steel vegetable preparation attachment with a lever-integrated long vegetable hopper (60 mm diameter) and a large round hopper (215 cm²).

Slicer suitable for 100-400 meals for table service and up to 800 meals for catering service.
Cutter/Mixer 50-150 meals per service.
It’s possible to make 80 different types of cuts/slices.
40 discs available for slicing, grating, shredding, dicing and french fries.
For right and left handed users.
High discharge zone permits the use of deep GN containers (up to 20 cm).
Pulse function for precise cutting.
Continuous feed model.