Combined Baling Press/Sack Compactor

The baling press/sack compactor is a cost-effective and single chambered unit designed for cardboard or plastic. The unit has also the possibilities to compact general waste into a sack.
The cardboard or plastic is placed in the loading chamber at the front and is then compressed by a single ram. When enough material exists in the chamber, to form a bale, the baling bands are secured around it and a bale is produced.
The Material is normally compressed up to 90-95% of its original volume, depending on fraction. This unit has been designed and constructed for marine & offshore applications to give long and reliable service.
The baling press/sack compactor is simple to operate, contains few moving parts and has therefore low maintenance aspect.

Baling of cardboard/paper/plastic.
Compaction of general waste into a sack.
Small footprint – vertical and compact.
Easy installation
Simple to operate – one touch operation.