Cooking Top, Induction Double Plate

Main Features

• Plug in unit designed for table top installations.
• 2-color user interface (white and red) for better readability.
• Rapid heat transfer directly to the pan, no heat is dispersed into the environment.
• Automatic pan detection to transfer power only when pan is present.
• Glass touch display on top for maximum visibility.
• Power level settings from 1 to 10.
• Timer function can be used to adjust the duration of the cooking zone, which then switches off automatically.
• 2 independently controlled cooking zone.
• BRIDGE FUNCTION allows to combine the two separate cooking zones to create a single large surface suitable for rectangular pan of max dimensions of 350x450mm.
• Suitable for pots and pans with diameter from 120 mm to 240 mm for each cooking zone.
• Maximum usable power: 3.5 kW. The user interface shows the power level selectable on each cooking zone according to the power used.
• Self-diagnostics: an error code is displayed (Exxx) in case of dysfunction.
• Designed for LiberoPro Duo function for automatic regulation of the LiberPro Point fan speed according to cooking intensity.