Deep Fat Fryer 1x23L

Deep drawn V-shaped well with external heating elements to facilitate cleaning operations. Indirect oil heatingsystem and uniform heat distribution for extended oil life. Electronic sensor for precise oil temperature control. Reduced power setting to melt solid fat. Oil can be easily drained via a ball-valve.

All major components may be easily accessed from the front.
THERMODUL connection system creates a seamless work top when units are connected to each other thus avoiding soil penetrating vital components and facilitating the removal of units incase of replacement or service.
Metal knobs with embedded hygienic silicon “soft”grip for easier handling and cleaning. The special design of the controls prevent infiltration of liquids or soil into vital components.
Overheat protection: a temperature sensor switches off the supply in case of overheating.
Large visible digital display manufactured in tempered glass to resist heat and chemicals, showing temperatures or power settings.
The display also shows on/off status of the applianceand on/off status of the heating elements.
Standby function for energy saving and fast recovery of maximum power.
Raised edge all around the well to protect from infiltration of dirt from worktop.
Large overflow stamped area, located around the well.