Drop-In Refrigerated Display 3xGN1/1

Drop-in refrigerated display that is designed for food service and maintaining cold food temperature. The hygienic well comes with rounded corners, and the exposed surfaces have a seamless finish.

The display has a separate control panel with a connector that is easy to install. The control panel features an on/off switch and a temperature display. The temperature in the well can be adjusted between +2 and +15°C while the temperature in the display remains between +5 and +18°C. The ventilated refrigeration guarantees even temperature distribution.

The well is lined with 30mm polyurethane insulation. The material of the display unit is acrylic plastic for easy maintenance, and the top is made of stainless steel.

As a standard feature, fluorescent lamps and divider bars for GN 1/1 containers are included in the delivery.

Fluorescent lamp and dividers bars are included in delivery
CFC and HCFC free
Refrigerant R290
HACCP connection is available as an option