El. Can Opener Table Type

The electric can opener is 266 small enough for countertop use and strong enough for heavy commercial applications. The opener has single speed motor and is provided with replaceable knife and gear. With one single grip the knife is pressed through the can lid and simultaneously the motor starts. Motor housing, handle and body are made of die-cast aluminium, cover plates of stainless steel. The knife and the drive wheel are manufactured from high quality tempered tool steel. The opener has capacity of 4-7 cans per minute and the recommended usage per day is 50 to 100 cans of any shape. With a spring loaded mechanism it will open even rectangular and dented cans, maximum height 175 mm. Rigid construction and a rotating knife guarantee long life and smooth cutting edges. For further specifications, please see overleaf.

Heavy Duty Contruction
Single Speed Motor
Replaceable Knife and Gear
Effortless Electric Operation