Food Processor 5,5L

The food processors are a powerful, tablemounted cutters that are indispensable to any catering professional who seeks a wide range of options in preparation. Their capacity makes it possible to perform a vast number of tasks, from simply mincing meat, to creating elaborate: mousses, stuffings, creams, pastries, etc. The cutters offer many advantages, including the ability to liquidize and to mix and add products in midcycle. The capacities of the cutters make them a perfect complement for galleys of any size.

Powerful induction motor built on ball bearings.
Variable speed
Flat and waterproof control panel with easy to use functions.
Special pulse function for precise cutting.
High chimney
Ergonomic handle
Stainless steel cutter bowl
K45 and K55 with microtooth blades
K70 with smooth blades
The speed of rotation allows all sorts of preparations to be carried out in a matter of seconds: Mincing meats, chopping condiments, preparation of mayonnaise, purées, compotes, etc., liquidizing frozen foodstuffs, preparation of all types of pastry doughs.
Rounded corners allow for easy cleaning.
Transparent lid permits the operator to check on the food.
Lid and components can be dismantled and are dishwasher safe.
Multiple safety devices