Food Waste Disposer 1000kg/h

For installation in sink and washing line.
This food waste disposer is providing efficient and immediate removal of food waste whenever it arises. A disposer is improving hygiene in the working environment, eliminating bad odors and bacteria formation and minimizing manual handling.
The disposer has a hardness from a cast steel alloy, together with a unique sealing design between grinder and motor, ensures years of reliable operation and low maintenance cost. The disposer’s life span is extended further by the outer housing of stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI 304).
A nipple is welded into the sink’s existing drain outlet, and a plate bolted to the disposer is threaded to the nipple.
Standard delivery includes a complete contactor with a motor overload protector, a flushing nozzle for installation in the sink wall and a complete solenoid valve with line strainer. These items, as well as the protection lid, are to be installed on site.
Cold water will automatically flow through the nozzle when the disposer starts and flush the food waste into the grinder chamber and continue into the sewer system or connected tank.

• Installation is simplified as no welding is required