Food Waste Disposer 850kg/h

The food waste disposer provides efficient and immediate removal of food waste whenever it arises. Thereby improving hygiene in the working
environment, eliminating bad odors and bacteria formation and minimizing manual handling.
The MB-cabinet with integrated food waste disposer is installed as a separate unit, eliminating mounting into an existing interior, and is ready to be connected to existing flushing water, drain pipe and electricity.
The MB cabinet allows for food waste to be collected and ground in batches when required and the inlet is fully covered by a tight protection lid, preventing access to the grinding unit during operation, providing a splashback and reducing the risk of cutlery falling into the disposer by mistake. The lid comes with a safety interlock switch which stops the disposer when lifted.
Other features of the lid are noise reduction during operation and the possibility to be used as an extra workstation serving its purpose even where space is limited.
Cold water will automatically flow through the nozzle when the disposer starts and flush the food waste into the grinder chamber and continue into the sewer system or connected tank.

For heavy duty
For batch feeding of food waste
For freestanding installation
Disposer outlet can be positioned
In compliant with IMO MARPOL 73/78 Annex V
Easy to clean
Safe to use