Hose Reel System 20m

Automatic hose winder with rotating hose connection kit and cleaning spray gun. Put out enough hose as you need. The hose winder can be engaged after each of the drum. That way you can work with the strain relieved from the hose. To wind up a gentle pull on the hose is sufficient in order to release it.
The hose can only be guided back by hand until the hose buffer rests on the hose guide. Wind the hose back by hand using the spring force. Never allow it to spring back quickly in order to prevent personal accidents and faults on devices.
The hose winder is used predominantly for cleaning purposes in the food processing industry. Hot water and steam resistant up to 150°. Assembly/disassembly may only be carried out by recognised specialist tradesmen. The fitting must only be operated by trained specialist staff with a minimum age of 14 years.
Attention! If the hose is frequently wound very tightly, cracks may form over time and the hose may become damaged. The hose winder must be connected to a hose on the pivoting joint so that the pivoting joint is not subjected to an unnecessary axial load. Every pressure hose can burst as a result of external damage or ageing.
In order to prevent any damage from leaked water, the shut-off valve in the feed line hast to be closed after using the hose winder each time.
Caution! Opening the spring-loaded cover can be dangerous, the spring is always tensioned. It must only be replaced by specialist staff.

Temperature resistant from -40 °C to +150 °C.
Outer cover made of synthetic rubber, particularly resistant to abrasion, oil, ozone and the elements, food-safe.
Reinforcement made of highly tear resistant textile weave.
Inner liner made of synthetic, oil resistant rubber
Suitable for the following liquids: Water, water-oil emulsions and water mixtures with up to 50% cleaning agent content.
Use as cleaning hose for food processing businesses, especially resistant to animal and poultry fats.