Ice Cube Machine 1,5 kg/h, Air cooled

This is a self-contained ice cube machine which is available in several production capacities. This model is in an air-cooled execution. Defrosting is by both water and hot air.
The ice cubes are exclusively shaped and rounded, without sharp edges and a unique system ensures that they are crystal-clear, pure and compact.
The machine is equipped especially for marine use with anti-splash cover and an additional extractor fan. It can be used floor standing, on a stand or as a table top item. Thanks to the compact machine construction and to the main front ventilation, there are possibilities for built-in, under-counter installation, by leaving a few centimeters of open space on each side only.
The larger models are provided with an integrated storage bin with wide opening and slide-in door for easy, comfortable access to the cubes. The stainless-steel exterior comes with a high polished finish.

Produces individual Gourmet crystal clear ice cubes
Resistant stainless steel exterior.
Front panel in and out airflow (air-cooled model only) for built-in installation.
Easily accessible front panel mount ON-OFF Switch
Routine Maintenance visible alarm light on front panel
Ergonomically designed ice-storage access, with disappearing door
Door-closing movement dampening system