Loading Table with BD-55, S/S

Manufactured in two versions; for loading from left or right, and in three lengths, 1200, 1600 or 2100 mm.
The loading table is of the same type, regardless of whether the dishwasher is positioned for straight or right angle loading. The table top is made of 1.2 mm stainless steel SS 2333 (AISI 304) with a 60 mm raised rear edge and rounded 15 mm beaded edge with 52 mm turned down edge along front and one end. The loading end is shaped for connection to the dishwasher.
The sink bowls are equipped with 1/12“ drain and 1“ overflow. 1200 and 1600 mm long tables have a BE-55 sink (550x500x240 mm) with 1.5l strainer bucket and slide bar.
The 2100 mm table has a BD-55 sink with a 1.5 l strainer bucket and two slide bars. The frame work is constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel square tubes vertical 40×40 mm and horizontal 30×30 mm, to provide a rigid construction with full welding. Wall fixing security brackets are included as standard.
The frame is fitted with adjustable feet and on free standing tables floor mounting brackets are are available to permanently locate the table. A wide range of optional extras is available to meet most individual requirements. For further specifications and optional extras, please see overleaf and leaflet 10-399.

Stainless steel (AISI 304)
Hygienic and easy to clean construction
Heavy gauge stainless steel square 40X40/30X30 mm tubular framwork
Wide range of optionals