Meat Mincer TS12E

The meat mincer TS12E have been designed, in each of its details, to obtain advanced machines by offering many technical solutions like fan cooled motor, reduction gears and screw in oil bath, cutting group and funnels of stainless steel. They are provided with a reverse switch which enables to get free the stopped meat without dismantling the cutting group.
The compact size and low weight in combination with single phase electric connection mean easy handling and installation. The great efficiency of the meat mincer TS12E is the result of a combined research of speed and design of the cutting group, which does not suffer overheating not even after a long running period, assuring exceptional results in the quantity and quality of grinded meat.
As standard the mincer are equipped with a short cutting group including one knife and one disc with optional hole diameter 4.5 m. The mincer and its fittings is built according to the CE rules in the field of hygiene and of safety and according to the specific rules concerning the mincers.

Anodized aluminium / stainless steel
Reversible motor
Single phase electric connection
Easy to clean