Planetary Mixer 5L with Hub

Main Features

• Professional compact table top beater mixer for intensive kneading, mixing and whipping.
• Maximum capacity (flour, with 60% of hydration) 1.5 kg, suitable for 10-100 meals per service.
• Delivered with: -Spiral Hook, Paddle, Wire Whisk and Mixing Bowl for 5 lt. All made in stainless steel and dishwasher safe  Accessory drive hub (accessories are not included)
• Tools shape and size perfectly adapt to the bowl for uniform mixing of even small quantities.
• Electronic speed variator.
• Removable safety screen activates the raising and lowering of the bowl.
• Safety device will automatically stop the machine when the bowl is lowered.
• Ergonomic and reliable knob to select the speed adjusting to the tool and mixture hardness.