Plate Dispenser. Mobile, heated

The dispenser is made of stainless steel quality AISI 304 and intended for transportation, storing and ergonomically hand-ling of plates in right working height. It is suitable for service counter systems, tray preparation lines and other use.
The dispenser is adjustable for plate diameters
Ø 185-260 mm. The adjustable guides holds the height of stacked plates 50 mm above the top. By adding or removing of the springs, easy accessible through the holes in the top, any weights of the plates can be matched.
The model comes with a handle and four heavy duty castors Ø 125 mm, two of swivel type with brakes, two of fixed type.
The model is double mantled and insulated.
The temperature is controlled by a thermostat.
Connection cord with plug is included.
For further specification of the model and optional extras, please see overleaf.

Stainelss Steel
Heavy Duty Castors
Adjustable for Different Plate Diameters and Weight