Pot and Pan washer

The Pot and Pan washer is designed for washing containers, baking plates, trays, pots and pans, casseroles, storage boxes and cooking utensils. The front and side panel, wash tank, filters and wash and rinse arms are manufactured in 304 AISI stainless steel. Additional 3-sided wash arm provides more powerful wash water for the best cleaning of soiled items.
The Pot and Pan washer has 4 washing cycles of 180-360-540 seconds and continuous for different level of soiled items. The machine is also provided with fault autodiagnosis system and prearrangements for automatic detergent dispenser, HACCP system implementation and Energy Management device. The construction of the machine includes atmospheric boiler combined with the rinse booster pump for perfect rinsing performances. Also a built-in drain pump, rinse aid and detergent dispense.
Easier access to the washing chamber thanks to the 180° frontal opening door.

Double skin insulated door for less heat and noise dispersion.
Electronic board with digital display.
High efficiency air gap (class A) in water inlet.
Simple control panel.
Easy removable wash- and rinse arms, pump and tank filters.
Smooth surfaces and a tank with rounded corners for simplify cleaning.
Fully automatic self-cleaning cycle.
97% recyclable by weight