Range, 6 Hot Plates and Height Adjustable

The hydraulically adjustable range is made entirely in stainless steel with semi-polished Scotch Brite finish. It is equipped with 6 cooking plates made of cast iron controlled by 3-step switches. Control switches and pilot lamps indicating their actions are located on the front panel.
Hot plates are carefully mounted and balanced to form a completely flat hob surface. Large pots and pans can be placed over several hotplates at the same time providing full contact.
The range is provided with hydraulically adjustable telescopic legs making it possible to adjust the height between 756-968 mm. The legs are equipped with marine feet for bolting or welding to the deck.
Installation and service are carried out at the front of the range.

Stainless steel execution
Hygienic design
Hydraulically adjustable height
Powerful with high capacity
Removable drip pan
Ip54 water protection class
Easy to maintain