Refrigerated Counter, Well, 3 Sections, Remote Cooling, 1650mm

A refrigerated counter with a 160 mm deep well on the stainless steel top, seam-less welded and high polished finish. The cupboard can be supplied with different fitting alternatives, such as a cabinet with guide racks and hinged doors or drawers, all accept-ing Gastronorm sized items. The drawers are fitted on expansion fittings of stainless steel. The guide racks are of double-side construction the containers can be drawn out up to 2/3 of their length without tipping. The refrigerated counters are all with a rigid framework. Front back and sides are all in stainless steel. The interior lining and the bottom are in stainless steel as well. The legs are 200 mm high and can be adjusted ±50 mm.
Self-contained and remotely refrigerated counters are available. Drain for condensation water is included. As an optional extra the unit can be equipped with a heated evaporation box.

Modular standard system
Gastronorm standard
Stainless steel
Rigid construction
Freon-free insulation
Self-contained or for remote cooling
Refrigerant R134a