Refrigerator 720 L

Main Features

• Large digital white-digit display with humidity selection button (3 preset level), cabinet temperature display and setting and turbo frost cycle (to rapidly cool warm loads).
• Fully compliant HACCP digital control: when temperature exceeds critical limits, acoustic and visual alarms are activated. Up to two months of event are kept in memory.
• Large storage area suitable to contain 700×530 mm grids to improve net capacity.
• Optimized airflow within the chamber guarantees uniformity of temperature on all grids.
• Frost Watch Control: fully automatic defrost starts only when ice is actually building-up in the evaporator and adapt the defrosting duration to guarantee perfect ice removal while optimizing energy efficiency consumption.
• Hidden evaporator thus guaranteeing higher storage capacity and less corrosion problems.
• Greater storage space: internal structure with numerous charging positions available to host grids, ensuring higher net capacity.
• Insulation thickness: 65 mm of polyurethane injected with ecological foaming gas cyclopentane to ensure effective insulation
with minimum energy consumption (thermal conductivity: 0,020 W/m*K).
• Cleaning-free condenser: the structure of the wire frame condenser prevents dust and grease accumulation thus avoiding periodical cleaning operations and reducing energy consumption.
• Optical door microswitch to stop the fan once the door is opened, thus minimizing energy waste.