Rice Cooker 13L

The electric rice cooker is a powerful and full featured rice cooker designed and built for commercial use. With cook and heat preservation functions this model offers automatic shut-off and hold when done.
Press the switch button and the red pilot lamp that lets you know the unit is cooking. The cooker is provided with a magnetic thermal limiter located in the middle of the heater plate for better cooking control. It senses when the water has been absorbed, ending the cooking cycle before the rice can burn. When the rice is finished the switch button is automatically released and the pilot lamp will turn to yellow. Keep the lid on for 10 more minutes to be sure that the rice is thoroughly cooked.
The temperature of the rice will be automatically kept within the range of 60-80 °C.
When the temperature of the rice has fallen below that point the pilot lamp will begin to flash indicating that the heat preservation unit has been set to work.
The rice cooker is delivered including a measuring cup and a rice scoop and provided with a 1.3 m long electrical cord with earthed plug.

High output
Exelent frying results
Energy and oil saving
Insulated execution
Precise temperature control
Six sizes
Easy to clean
Protection class ipx5
Manufactured acc. to Solas recommendations