Sanitary Station The Pure, Sensor-controlled, SS

This is a complete washing station with both The pure tap and cabinet.

The pure tap is a 3-in-1 solution made for the highest hygienic requirements. It features a touch-free operation for the dosage of soap, water and disinfectant -no dirty work environment due to dripping wall-mounted dispensers.

The tap is water-saving as the water is only flushing when in contact with an infrared sensor (reduction of water consumption by 50% to standard faucets). It is made of stainless steel with smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. An automatic cleaning function prevents the water from stagnation (30sec water flush, 24h after last use). The water temperature is presettable via a manual mixing valve.

Complete with tap and cabinet
Touch-free dosage of soap, water and disinfectant
Easy-to-install fastening system (deck mounted)
Water flow rate: 420-1200 L/h
Viable water pressure 0.3 – 7 bar
Maximum water temperature is 70°C
Constant water flow time 2 minutes: automatically shuts off to prevent water damage from overflow
Non-return-valves to avoid the circulation of warm and cold water