Sorting/Receiving Table L = 1700, left feed

These sorting and receiving tables are intended for receiving and sorting of dirty dishes and should be connected to a pre-rinse intermediary unit or basin conveyor before the dishwasher. EASY TO INSTALL +50/-50mm adjustable feet. Designed to be connected both to a pre-wash intermediary unit or to a basin conveyor (connection kit is included). Racks movement from right to left from the operator’s point of view. EASY TO USE Equipped with raised side edges all around reducing the possibility of crockery being pushed off the table. Supplied with two shelves: an over-shelf to place the dishwashing racks to fill them and, above, a stainless steel frame to store the empty racks with movable racks supports. The over-shelf can be inclined at both dishwashing or receiving side, the water outflow is granted through a drainage. Optional extras include small sink (T29), rubber scrapping ring with provision of space for garbage can or cutlery trolley, tray slide which can incorporate a cutlery chute and support for crate for empty bottles. EASY TO CLEAN All surfaces are smooth with polished finish. Double bent profile to eliminate sharp edges. EASY TO MAINTAIN Constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel with square 40x40mm tubular construction and legs. EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT 98% recyclable by weight. CFC free packaging. Additional accessories as plain or grid stainless steel shelves, open guide unit for 3 dishwashing racks and drawers, are designed to be placed under the table. For further specification and optional extras, please see overleaf.