SpeedDelight Panini Grill (Flexible)

SpeeDelight is the new professional solution for businesses on the move: it’s a dual-plate appliance with the first and only combination of three direct and indirect cooking technologies. Serve delicious food fast: more than a snack; it’s a complete taste experience.

The grill can be used to heat up and re-generate food such as; paninis, bagels, toasts, pizzas, quiches and many more.

The three cooking technologies contact, infrared radiation and microwaves provide perfectly cooked food heated to the core. The snacks are perfectly crispy outside and cooked just right inside. The plate settles with just the right pressure and opens automatically when your snack is ready. All guesswork is gone: the result is exactly what’s on your menu, every time.

Flexible Top Plate
3 cooking technologies: contact, infrared radiation and microwave
Energy Saving Mode
8 programs that can be adjusted by the user
Automatic lifting of the lid at the end of the cooking cycle
Electronic control with digital 4.3” LED display
Ergonomic handle