Thawing cabinet, USPH, 1200L, Remote Cooling

It usually is quite easy to tell the difference between fresh food and food that has been frozen. The reason is that traditional thawing procedures damage the fibres of the ingredients and make them lose a lot of liquid –sometimes more than 10 % of their original weight. Tina thawing cabinet controls the thawing process of every ingredient and preserves the juiciness, fresh flavour and resilience in a new way. It often retaining twice as much liquid and weight compared to traditional methods. You can be sure the results are optimised and consistent –every time.

The patented defrosting technique integrated into the cabinet has evolved using the latest technology to ensure a quick and secure defrosting process with the highest food quality. With the easy-to-use control panel, you only need to choose which type of product to defrost, and the cabinet takes care of the rest for you. After your products are defrosted the cabinet then provides chilled storage.

Patented defrosting technique
Precise temperatures and long-life span
Advanced self-cleaning moisture generation
Easy maintenance from the front
Stainless Steel 1.4301
Enclosure class front IP44 and top IP20