Toaster, Conveyor Type

These heavy duty toasters of conveyor type are made of stainless steel and have a smooth surfaced exterior in a polished finish. The reliable motor and gear unit in combination with a heavy duty chain mean a trouble free and smooth carrier rotation. Metal sheathed long-life heating elements and carefully designed, heated toast storage area secure a high capacity. The precisely controlled heating and the step less variable conveyor speed device offer a perfect toasting result of any sliced bread. The toasters of vertical type with thermostatically controlled heating have three removable loading baskets and manual advance, which allows rotation of the conveyor and baskets without energizing the toaster. For further specifications of the models, please see overleaf.

Heavy Duty, Reliable Contruction
Vertical Type
Stainless Steel
High Capacity
Thermostat Control
For Long Life Use
Perfect Toasting