Vacuum Packaging Machine

Floor model. Overall dim.: 765x760x1030 mm. Connection for gas flushing. S/s execution with plexiglass lid.

Unit equipped with inert gas.
Digital control panel allows the selection of up to 9 operating programs to guarantee optimized vacuum pressure and heat sealtime for any product and each program: P1 toP8 are composed of 4 adjustable selections (vacuum, extravacuum, gas and sealing) whileP9, “external vacuum” is composed by only 2selections (vacuum and extravacuum).
To ensure simplicity of use and maximum reliability electronic board detects electronic malfunctions, color and level of oil as well as failures in the vacuum packaging process.
”Soft air” device allowing to control the re-admission of air into the chamber.
Safety system protects the machine in case of sealing bars overheat.
Model complies with international hygiene and cleanability standards.