Waste Shredder 11 kW

The LS110 is a cost-effective and slow-rotating shredder which is designed for shredding various waste materials such as general waste, hard plastics, wood and metals. The unit reduces the volume up to 80% depending on the fraction which in turn reduces storage space on board.
The unit consists of a shredding chamber with two counter-rotating shafts fitted with circular blades.
The material is fed through a hopper placed above the shredding chamber and the rotating blades with the hooks take the material towards the centre of the shredding chamber. As the material passed through the blades it is shredded and falls by gravity underneath the shredder into a bin.
The door below the shredding chamber is equipped with a safety switch, which prevents the operator from coming into accidental contact with the moving mechanical parts and shredder from starting when the door is open.
The LS110 can be used prior to the compactor to increase the compaction ratio, but it also works well in combination with a shipboard incinerator.
The unit has been designed and constructed for marine & offshore applications to give long and reliable service.

Two-shaft shredder, 11 kW
Energy efficient, driven by an electric motor
Heavy-duty unit
Automatic reverse in case of blockage
User-friendly and low maintenance