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Professional catering and laundry equipment suppliers.

Southern Contracts has a long history of supplying hotels and leisure premises, so understands completely the specific requirements for keeping customers and staff happy.


We help make the decision making easier when it comes to fitting out a commercial kitchen; getting the right quality of kitchen equipment, at the right scale for industrial kitchen, hospitality, business catering or restaurant. The kitchen layout is one of our strong points; allowing for safety, hygiene and efficiency.

Your housekeeping needs can be satisfied by using Southern Contracts, as we offer cleaning equipment from leading manufactures that’s supported by associated cleaning chemicals and janitorial hardware. Kitchens equally need constant updating, so if you need a new commercial microwave, refrigerator or dishwasher to fit into your existing set-up we can arrange this for you.

We understand the important laundry requirements a hotel or guest house has to keep operating, so whether you’re looking for a small load commercial laundry machine to supplement your laundry services provider, or for your staff laundry, we can supply and maintain your systems and even offer them on a rental basis with maintenance included.

See our Service, Spares and Rentalsand Detergents and Chemical Supplies section for more information.

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