Southern Contracts Fly to the Rescue

Southern Contracts faced a very tight deadline last week for the Royal Navy.

Due to delays in stainless steel production and delivery, many companies are currently experiencing delays in receiving every day products, and Southern Contracts were one of those affected.

On order was a stainless steel washing machine for the Royal Navy Ocean Survey vessel, HMS Scott, which was moored in Gibraltar.

Delays in stainless steel resulted in the appliance being late for delivery, so the Southern Contracts team called upon their amazing relationships with other suppliers and managed to source the required model a little closer to home.

The turnaround was within 24 hours and, happily the appliance was delivered to Portsmouth to be boarded onto a Hercules supplies aircraft.  The Hercules flew it out to Gibraltar where it was installed onboard HMS Scott, with minutes to spare before the ship left port on the next leg of her tight schedule.

HMS Scott is the only vessel of her class and can remain at sea for up to 300 days a year, so laundry and galley equipment are vital to the success of her voyages. She is now on her next mission to conduct survey operations in the North Atlantic, collecting data with her hi-tech, cutting edge survey systems which will then go toward producing charts for submarine and surface navigation.

Adam Elphinstone, Managing Director of Southern Contracts said: “We love a challenge but I think this is one of the tightest timescales for the distance required to delivery we’ve had to face in the history of our company!

“Operating thousands of miles from land HMS Scott’s unique role means it can sometimes be the silent hero of the Royal Navy, but her work is vital for the security and safety of our country.

“We are reliably informed that as well as her high-tech survey equipment, HMS Scott sailed laden with 1,800 sausages, 3,000 eggs, 6,000 rashers of bacon, 500 litres of washing up liquid and 1,440 toilet rolls.  All necessities for keeping the crew safe and well on their mission” he added*.

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