Southern Contracts onboard Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth

CUNARD must be devastated to cancel the first of their cruises this week, following an outbreak of coronavirus amongst the crew on one of their flagship cruise liners.

Despite extensive preparation prior to their cruises getting underway, the Queen Elizabeth has had to cancel the first of their UK coastline cruises due to take place at the end of this month.

Southern Contracts, based in Bournemouth, were onboard recently to fully service and reactivate all their laundry equipment to ensure everything was in perfect working order and ready to provide the five star service that we’ve all come to expect from the Cunard brand.

Adam Elphinstone, MD of Southern Contracts, said: “Our relationship with Cunard goes back many years and whenever any of the ‘queens’ are in port, we have an ongoing contract to go onboard and service all their laundry appliances and equipment to ensure they are always running in tip top condition.

“Our dedicated team have completed a comprehensive service of all the laundry equipment on the Queen Elizabeth to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers, ready for when they are ready to commence their sailings again.”

Southern Contracts pride themselves on delivering the very best products and service to their customers by keeping leading products of commercial washing machines and industrial tumble dryers, cleaning and catering equipment in stock, ready to replace at a moment’s notice when a repair isn’t possible within the strict time constraints of being in port demand.

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