Southern Contracts working with the Falkland Islands’ Hospital

Delighted to be working with the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in the Falkland Islands again.

The only hospital on the Islands and nestled on the waters’ edge, the KEMH is the home of all the islands’ medical, dental, and community health services. Rebuilt in 1984 after a fire destroyed an earlier wooden construction of the hospital, it provides an exhaustive range of equipment and facilities as it needs to be almost entirely self-sufficient. Referrals come from the military, civilians on the islands, and also from South Georgia and Antarctica.

Before 1982 medical services on the islands were fundamental, but there has been considerable investment since. Keeping up with progress and technology, they have now ordered two Electrolux Professional #IB42314 #rotaryirons from us, to assist with the efficiency of patient care. Foot pedal-operated to free up hands for folding, and with a choice of heat settings, they make ironing bedding an absolute breeze!

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