Bain Marie with legs

This stainless steel bain-marie with legs meets the requirements of professional kitchens. The unit is designed for foodservice use maintaining the hot food temperature during storage and serving.

The well comes with hygienic rounded corners, and all exposed surfaces have a seamless finish. The control panel features an on/off switch and a temperature display where the temperature can be set between +30 and 90°C.

The wells are lined with insulation to guarantee energy efficiency. All heating elements include powerful resistor mats with an overheat safety thermostat.

Undershelf and divider bars for GN 1/1 containers are included in the delivery. All units are CE marked and comes with a 3 m power cord.

Insulated well with hygienic rounded corners
Surfaces with a seamless finish
Temperature range between +30 and 90°C
Overheat safety thermostat