Batch Freezer T4 S

This versatile batch freezer produces perfect and ready to be served ice cream, sorbet or sherbets.
The technical features as microprocessor controlled adaptation of freezing cycle to the quantity of mix, high efficiency evaporator, control panel with touch-buttons and new designed beater contribute to long-lasting, reliable, easy to use and maintain machines. The machine is provided with adjustable electronic consistency control, assuring al-ways the best possible consistency of the ice cream.
In spite of its size, the capacity of the machine is very high and a different quantity of ice cream can be produced without any control settings.
The batch freezer is available as a mobile floor model.

∙ Stainless steel.
∙ Hygienic construction
∙ High capacity
∙ Automatic production
∙ Fully electronically controlled
∙ Floor model
∙ Easy to maintain and clean