Coffee Vending Machine

This automatic fresh brew machine comprising Bravilor Bonamat’s unique containers, mixing and hot water system, is very suitable for locations where there large varieties of hot beverages are needed quickly. The FreshGroundXL version offers more or larger canisters for an even more extensive range of drinks and a selection button for adding sugar to your coffee. Besides freshly brewed filter coffee made of ground beans this machine serves more specialities such as espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, espreschoc, café au lait, moccachino and hot water.

The fast and user friendly FreshGround XL 420 is equipped with bean canister with lockable lid, four canisters for instant ingredients and provides the possibility to adjust the ingredient strength as well as the ability to add milk and sugar. A 1.5 m long cord without plug is included.

Quickly Brewed Fresh Coffe
Bean Container with Lockable Lid
Grinder for Perfectly Ground Beans
Elegant Design
10 Standard Selections
Unique Hot Water System
Solid Stainless Steel Housing
Selector Button for Cup, Mug or (Thermos) Jug
Descaling and Waste Bin Full Indicator
Automatic Descaling and Rinsing Programme
Total and Daily Counters
Sliding Drip Tray
Five Standard Led Colours and the Option to Set One Colouis as Desired
Easy to Maintain