Coffee Vending Machine

For instant ingredients. Capacity: 240 cups/h. 4 canisters.8 beverage selections + hot water.
This automatic machine for instant ingredients is very suitable for locations where there is a sudden need for a hot beverage. Within seconds you have the desired drink, complete with a tasteful cream layer, at any time of the day. With the various beverages available you can satisfy anyone’s personal taste with ease.
The Bolero XL boasts an attractive and simple to use design. Beneath the sleek new finish you will find the reliable proven technology.
Taking full advantage of the improvements this design has to offer, the Bolero XL is easy to use, maintain and reliable.
Model XL 423 is equipped with four ingredient canisters. At the press of a button you have the drink of your choice: coffee, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, café au lait, moccachino and of course, hot water.
The machine is fitted with a separate hot water tap for tea or soup.

Durable materials
Two-way dripless faucet
Led backlight for clear menu selection
Adjustable settings
Instant ingredients
8 selections
Excelent ingredient flow
Removable fan housing
Easy to program
Fast and simple operation