Combi Oven iCombi Classic 6 GN 2/1

The iCombi Classic works at a consistently high level, thanks to the central measurement and regulatory system for a uniform, individual cooking cabinet climate; the powerful fresh steam generator for optimal steam saturation; the high-performance dehumidification; increased quantity of fan wheels and optimal cooking cabinet design. This combined means energy is transferred to the food with precision and, where appropriate, with a lot of power. The result: large load size with excellent uniform results across all the racks. With up to 10% less energy and water consumption. For the one objective: producing consistently high quality results with crisp crusts, attractive diamond grill patterns, crispy breaded products.

The iCombi Classic features an effective steam generator for optimal steam performance even at low temperatures below 100 °C. Individual programming of up to 100 single or multi-level cooking programmes with up to 12 increments. Integrated, maintenance-free grease separation system with no additional grease filter

Care system: Automatic cleaning and descaling of steam generator. 4 different cleaning programmes for unsupervised cleaning, even overnight.

Effective steam generator
Colour display and soft keys
Easy to use
Effective cleaning
Ergonomic door handle
Adjustable door stopper