Combi Oven Skyline Premium S 10 GN 1/1

The new SkyLine Combi Ovens are made to deliver outstanding performance with smart technology and human-centred design.

The Premium S has high-resolution full touch screen interface – colour-blind friendly panel. A built-in steam generator for highly precise humidity and temperature control and Lambda sensor core probe to automatically recognize the quantity and size of food for consistent quality results. The models also have a 6-point multi-sensor core temperature probe for maximum precision and food safety.

Skyline models have a wing-shaped handle with ergonomic design and hands-free opening with the elbow, making managing trays simpler. They have a double thermo-glazed door with open frame construction, for a cool outside door panel. A swing hinged easy-release inner glass on door for easy cleaning. Seamless hygienic internal chamber with all rounded corners for easy cleaning and 304 AISI stainless steel construction.

The oven has an OptiFlow air distribution system to achieve maximum performance in cooking evenness and temperature control thanks to the design of the cooking chamber combined with a venting valve and a high precision variable speed. The fan offers an optimal balance with 7-speed levels from 300 to 1500 RPM and reverses rotation, and the fan stops in less than 5 seconds when the door is opened. The oven also has automatic fast cool down and pre-heat function and reduced power function for customized slow cooking cycles.

A 1000 recipes can be stored in the oven’s memory, to recreate the exact same recipe at any time. The recipes can be grouped into 16 different categories to be easier to find.

Digital interface
Lambda sensor (humidity control)
OptiFlow air distribution system
Boiler in AISI 304
Fixed tray rack pitch 67mm with tray stopper
Double-glass door
Skyclean automatic cleaning
Human-centred design with 4-star certification for ergonomics and usability