Convection Oven, 6xGN 1/1

The ovens are easy to use with the control settings easily and logically made. Perfect results regardless of the position in the oven thanks to even heat distribution means more free time to do other things in the kitchen.
• Thermostatic temperature control between 50-300 °C.
• Automatic humidity control with five settings.
• Cooking time selection up to 120 minutes plus a manual setting.
• Rapid cooling of the oven cavity.
• Probe for core temperature cooking is available as an option.
• Hand held spray units to help with cleaning are available as an option and can be fitted to the sides of the oven or the stand.

Outstanding performance is what you can expect from an Electrolux convection oven. It is perfect for roasting, stewing, au gratin dishes, and many other cooking techniques. The air circulation system ensures consistent results throughout the oven and a pre-set humidification system increases the flexibility of the oven.
Main structure in stainless steel, with seamless joints in the oven cavity. Single-glazed door with tempered glass. Cavity lighting. Unique air-flow channel system. Semi-automatic cleaning cycle.

Internal and external stainless steel construction with a seamless oven cavity for easier cleaning and long lasting.
Forced air circulation with hot air directed via flow channels provides a rapid heat up and even temperature uniformity on all grid levels.
A very extensive range of accessories is available for use with these ovens.