Deep Fat Fryer 10L

MFEX fryer manufactured to comply with SOLAS 2009 regulations and tested according to ISO standard 15371:2009.
The model contains an electric deep fryer and Ansul R-102 wet chemical extinguishing system, integrated by a SUS304 casing. An exhaust blower is included which can be installed under a standard cooking exhaust hood, or directly connected to the main ventilation duct.
The unique external-power cutoff design and external-powered remote alarm panel enhance electrical safety in case of a fire.

High power density, quick temperature recovery for desired frying quality
Submerged heating brings optimal energy transfer
With deep cold-oil zone, enables extended shortening life
Balanced load among three phases
Protection grade IP44
Complying with SOLAS and ISO15731 test standard
Automatic and manual release. A remote release is available
An environment-friendly extinguishing agent with long preservation life