Deep Fat Fryer 1X7-8L

This fryer is made entirely in stainless steel with very strong, 1.5 mm thick, seamless, pressed stainless steel oil tank. It is tested to satisfy the heavy use and demanding safety standards required at sea. The fryer is provided with an improved security system thanks to the deactivation of the fryer when opening the tap and when washing the heating element. The rounded edges and corners, and the hinged construction of the stainless steel heating elements facilitate cleaning.
The drain with a cold zone for waste recovery is located in the cabinet and provided with a ball type drain valve with a security lock.
The thermostat probe is fixed to the heating element which means quick response and precise temperature control. Using a “standby mode” reduces automatically oil temperature saving both oil and electricity.
As to Solas rules the client can choose to use the connection points directly in the unit or use the separate 4-wire Solas security cord delivered with the machine.
An automatic basket lift and a recycling pump with micro-filter are available as optional extras.

High Output
Exelent Frying Results
Energy And Oil Saving
Insulated Execution
Precise Temperature Control
Easy To Clean
Protection Class Ipx5
Manufactured Acc. To Solas Recommendations